Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I went away to a ghost land

It felt like a perfect dream


Seth Nicholas Johnson said...


Unknown said...

I love your watercolor work! It all has such a distinctive look. I have sort of a watercolor-ing hobby, but I'm nowhere near as creative as you are!

Not to sound like a commercial or anything, but have you ever tried painting on Wet Media Duralar sheets instead of the usual matte? The end product looks just about the same, but the sheets are clear and glossy so you can smudge and erase and layer your work. It's quite fun to experiment on!

I dunno if you're a fan of doing acrylic/cel work, but this is basically the same concept with watercolors instead of acrylics. Anyway, I had a ton of fun experimenting with the stuff so I just thought I'd share.

- Derek

Unknown said...

eye was sent hear by ghosts

Abby, thanks for making the lyrics vid 4 laughing hieroglyphic.. it's such a sad song to me and there is such truth in dave's voice. i wish i had run into you all in the early years in bmore cty. i think we would have been friends. btw- nice cat's eye still. such a scary little f*ckr that troll was..

if your interested~
i believe my home in austin was haunted by a ghost. one afternoon i took a picture of him- enjoi
(wait for the zoom)