Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Film Festivals

I took these screen grabs today off the BAM site. I thought it was sweet they were using a photo of me and Skelly for their film Festival.
I have never been in film festivals before so i'm not really sure how it works. Here are a few links of ones i made it into this Spring for Animal Collectives "In the Flowers" I'm Stoked!
The first one is a short film and animation festival
The Electric Picture show at BAM in Brooklyn, NY. May 12th
Then, an international short film festivalCurtocircuito in
Santiago de Compostela, Spain. May 23rd to May 30th
Also Podoba-Glasba This is a music video Festival that i just got asked to be a part of so im not really sure the details yet. Its in Slovenia but more info soon.

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